A Comfortable Mattress: Luxury Or Necessity?

A good and comfortable mattress is often related to luxury but it is more of a necessity. Your entire day, behavior towards other people and even your performance at your work depends on how good your mattress is. A comfortable mattress helps you get sound sleep, and that brings a lot of positive changes in every part of your life. If you have a mattress that doesn’t offer you proper comfort, it may be the reason that is slowing you down and making you feel tired every time you wake up, then you must go and buy a new mattress today itself.


You must have noticed it quite often that the night you get a sound sleep of seven to eight hours, you have a better morning. After a restful sleep you feel energetic, enthusiastic, and you also have a dynamic personality throughout your day. Whereas if you were not able to sleep well, you don’t even feel like going out.


Since no one goes to buy a new mattress every day, you cannot know all the factors that will help you get a perfect mattress for yourself, and neither your colleagues, friends or family can help you much with it. To know how to buy the right mattress as per your need and the bed size, this post will be worth reading as it will cover all the mattress buying tips.

Can You Get A Good Mattress Only By Spending Thousands Of Dollars?

Many of us think that spending more bucks will only be able to get you the best. It might be true in many things that we buy, but it is not always true with a comfortable mattress. If you have the right knowledge about a good mattress, you can always find the right mattress for yourself at a good price.

You can always choose a right store like Beds4u, where you will be able to find the right bed/mattress at the most appropriate price. You can also buy a new mattress when there's a sale because you get good discounts during that time.


Here are some best tips that will help you find the right mattress that will keep you comfortable for the coming years in your life.

#Tip 1: Choose A Brand That Is The Most Trustworthy

The first thing that is important while choosing a comfortable mattress is to choose the right brand. A good brand takes its job seriously and provides a good product. Beds4u is an exclusive retailer of Slumberzone New Zealand which is an NZ owned and operated manufacturer of beds and mattresses. All the beds and mattresses sold by Beds4u come with a manufacturer warranty that means you can be stress-free regarding the durability of your mattress and be assured of receiving the best of after-sales service.


#Tip 2: Know All The Factors Which Decide The Price Of The Mattress

The different kinds of mattresses can be quoted at different prices. You must know what kind of mattress is the right one for you. The prices of the mattresses can depend on factors like the size, quality of material used, place of manufacturing, etc. If you need a big bed you can opt for Super King or King size or if you want a size that can accommodate two people but don’t take much space then you can consider a double or queen size bed.

It is not important that you will have to spend a lot of money on a mattress. While choosing a mattress for yourself you should consider your budget, your body’s need and also your personal choice. If you combine all these factors, then you definitely will be able to get a mattress that can help you sleep well for the coming years. Here are some key points that you should consider.


1. Number Of People

So, while choosing a mattress, the first thing you should know is how many people need to be accommodated on the bed. If you stay alone, you can choose to buy a single mattress or a king single mattress. This will save you space and even money. You can even think of raising your budget to get one of the best quality mattresses. But if you have a partner or living with family, then you will surely have to buy a bigger mattress or buy more than one mattress. In this case, you will have to increase your budget for the best quality mattress. In case you want to stick to a particular budget and not go beyond it, then you can look for mattresses that are cheaper, but you should never compromise with the comfort of your body.


2. The Material Used To Make The Mattress

The material of the mattress plays a major role in deciding the price of the mattress. As per the records from various mattress selling stores, there is a wide range of innerspring mattresses available in the market. They are economical and comfortable too, but they start deteriorating after a while. Moreover, they do not even conform to the natural curvature shape of your body. They can start getting uncomfortable to sleep after some time. There are other materials also which cost more than the innerspring mattress, but they are more comfortable and also maintain the comfort for a long time. Some examples of such mattresses are pocket spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, natural coconut coir mattresses, etc.


3. The Size Of The Mattress

The sizes of the mattresses vary, and they also decide the cost of the mattress. Some of the most common sizes available in New Zealand are: Single (92cm x 188cm), King Single (107cm x 203cm), Double (135cm x 188cm), Queen (150cm x 203cm), King (165cm x 203cm), and Super King (183cm x 203cm) Irrespective of the quality of mattress, the bigger will be the size more will be the cost. Sizes like Long Single (92cm x 203cm), Long Double (135cm x 203cm), or Californian King (203cm x 203cm) are not that popular as its difficult to get the bedding but they still exist.


4. Personal Preferences

Many people like to keep their mattresses on the ground or the floor instead of using a bed frame or base. In such cases, you can find mattresses that are more in height in comparison to the standard mattresses that are to be used on a base. These mattresses can cost you more than the simple bed mattresses.


#Tip 3: Check The Mattress Physically In A Store Even If You Are Buying It Online

To be sure about the kind of mattress that is the most comfortable for your body, you must visit the mattress store and try all the different kinds of mattresses available there. Sometimes you might not be comfortable doing so, but it is a very important thing to do before you buy a new mattress. You can also buy the mattresses online and get it delivered, but then too you must visit a store where you can try the different kinds of mattresses. A good mattress store will always be welcoming to allow you to do the quality check.


While you check the mattress in a store make sure that you take your time to figure if the quality is right or not. The mattress should not be saggy but firm. While you are going to a store to check the mattress physically, make sure you are not tired at all. If you are tired, you will find every mattress to be good as your body will find comfort in sleeping on any kind of mattress.


While you lie down on the mattress take your time to be sure that the mattress is actually perfect for your body’s right posture. Just don’t lie down in one position but try different positions, as you would sleep at your home. If turning around is not comfortable then that mattress is not the right one for you. Try to figure the quality of the mattress on your own, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at the store.


#Tip 4: Buying The New Mattress Online

Once you have checked the mattress physically in a store, it is not necessary that you have to buy the mattress from there itself. You can buy the same mattress online. This will be a wise choice as you can avail of special discounts offered online.  When you buy a new mattress from the Beds4u website you do not have to worry about getting the mattress to your home. The delivery team can deliver your new mattress to your doorstep.

In case you do not have a bed frame or bed base and want to buy a new bed, you can also buy beds online. If you buy both base and mattress at the same time then, you can expect to get a combo discount too.

#Tip 5: Buy The Mattress As Per The Bed Size

No matter how good your mattress is, if it does not fit on your bed frame, it is useless for you. To avoid any confusion you can choose to buy the mattress and the bed at the same time and from the same store. But in case you already have a bed then you must measure the frame before you go to buy your mattress. Having the figures of measurements ready with you will help you to do the shopping smartly. You will simply have to tell the measurements to the assistant at the store, and he or she will show you all the mattresses that will fit onto your bed’s frame perfectly.


The dimensions of the mattress should neither be more nor less, than the size of the frame of the bed. It is obvious that if the size of the mattress is more than the bed’s frame, then it will not fit, but if it is small then too it can be a bad choice. Firstly, the sheets will look untidy on a smaller mattress and moreover, while you sit on the mattress, or sleep on it, it will keep moving by your body’s weight.

#Tip 6: Make Sure To Confirm The Details Of The Guarantee Or Warranty Of The Mattress

A good mattress brand will always provide you with a certain warranty or guarantee, and you should smartly use this benefit. For this, you will have to know what kind of damage is covered under the warranty and guarantee. Sometimes the warranties do not cover the wear and tear, and thus you must make sure that you take good care of your mattress and protect it from any kind of damage. You can use a waterproof mattress protector to keep your mattress safe and be able to use the warranty.

Also, make sure that the labels on the mattress are not removed because that can also make your warranty of no use.


#Tip 7: Consult A Physician Before Buying A New Mattress

Different people have different body types, and the kind of mattress that would suit them will be different. If you have any neck or spine issues then we suggest you must see a specialist before buying a new mattress. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to comfort. Like some people’s body will be more comfortable on a soft mattress while some will be more comfortable on a hard mattress. This choice can also depend on personal preference, but the best way to know what is the right mattress for you is to consult a physician.

They can give you the right suggestion for choosing the mattress as per your bone structure and body type. If you do not use a mattress that is fit for your body’s structure, you might not be able to get the right comfort that your body would need to perform well.


If you are thinking of changing your old mattress and get a new one, you must make use of mattresses and bed buying tips to invest your money in the right kind of mattress. A Mattress that suits you will help you bring positive changes in your life. A comfortable sleep on a perfect mattress will not just make your body feel better, but it will also enhance your emotional side. A night of good sleep will keep your mood stable and let you resonate positivity to everyone around you.

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Hope this post was interesting and informative for you. For more tips and information on mattress maintenance tips, bed buying tips, etc stay tuned Beds4u sleep better blog.