Since we all love our mattress, it stands for a simple reason that we should also take care of it. Since mattresses don’t last forever and health experts recommend that you replace your mattress after 7 to 8 years threshold. This way you can experience the comfort of sleeping on a mattress that is hygienic and provides you adequate support so you can enjoy some much-needed sleep.

The older mattresses are subjected to many years of wear & tear and significant loss of height. Your old mattress will also carry an abysmal amount of fibers, dust, and skin cells covering them. Old mattresses also turn out to be home for dust mites that are responsible for allergies. Therefore, in this post, we will share six essential ideas to help you get the most out of your aging but a functional mattress.

Have It Aired Out

You all must have heard that after you purchase a new mattress, you need to air it out for four hours. What many people don’t say is that a mattress should be aired throughout its lifetime to keep it healthy. This allows body moisture to evaporate and eradicates damping and all the ill-effects associated with it. Remove bed covers at every available opportunity and ventilate for around 20 minutes a day. You could leave them for more extended periods of ventilation while going out on holiday to ensure the freshness remains preserved.

Rotate The Mattress Regularly

If you don’t want parts of the mattress to succumb to excess weight, rotate it regularly. It will vary the areas being subjected to prolonged impact while you sleep. If you are using a pocket spring or open spring mattress, then this will be particularly necessary as these are more prone to suffering from compressions and dips when used over a long period.


Many people don’t seem to be aware of the benefits of vacuuming and don’t take it up as a result. It can have severe implications for the hygiene of the mattress. With occasional dust mites and regular dead skin cells accumulating on the mattress, vacuuming it once every couple of months is highly recommended.

Try Not To Sit On The Edge

This is something we all tend to do on occasion, but you are advised to try and avoid it as far as possible. If indeed you need to sit down, try to get hold of a chair or stool rather than simply throwing yourself down on the edge of the bed which can prove potentially detrimental for the mattress. Studies have shown that 63% of respondents suffering from back pain have been benefited by the use of a compression-free mattress.

Address Stains In Proper Manner

The mattress care guide that comes with the new purchase ideally contains instructions on how the product should be cleaned. The use of a very mild detergent has also been found to be very effective in helping to get rid of stains and spillages. Use mattress protectors to cover your mattress and make sure you wash these protectors every month.

No Jumping On The Mattress

Your mattress is not something for you to jump, stand, or walk on so never think of doing such a thing! Also, don’t allow children in the house to make a trampoline out of it as this will lead to irreversible damage to its contents and springs

A little bit of love is all your mattress needs in return for many comfortable and relaxing nights of sleep. Show this small amount of care towards it, and you will be able to maintain a pleasant and healthy relationship for many years. A happy mattress transpires into a well-rested and happy mattress owner. However, if you feel it’s time to say Goodbye to your old mattress, don’t forget to read “how to say goodbye to your old mattress”.