A good mattress is like a companion for a lifetime (well, almost a lifetime). Getting a night of good, quality sleep depends on the kind of mattress you have. Your REM cycle decides the kind of day you will have and also influences your overall health.

Your mattress is essentially the closest factor for inducing perfect sleep in your system! Here’s why.

It enhances the quality of sleep

One of the most important reasons is that a good mattress automatically increases the quality of life! After a long day of work and probable uncertainties, your mattress is what you come back to. It is the only constant point in your life and the better its quality, the better you sleep. 

So when you invest in a good mattress, you automatically enhance the quality of your life!

A monetary investment that is worth it!

Buying a good mattress can be a fiscal investment, hence making the right choice is necessary as this is will affect your life for years. After all, mattresses affect your overall well-being and nobody can put a price on health. Choose the right mattress even if the immediate investment is slightly higher than you anticipated. At Beds4U, when you purchase a mattress you don’t just make a purchase, you make a choice for a healthy living.

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It lasts for years

It goes without saying - when you purchase a bed from Beds4U, it lasts for years. The beds available at our stores are plush, sturdy and of high quality. They are designed to suit your needs and help you live a long healthy life! To view our range click here

Old and uncomfortable mattresses cause discomfort to you and the people around you

Life changes frequently, as should your mattress!

Bad quality of sleep can affect your mental and emotion state. Hence, when you invest in a mattress that is not right for you, you don’t just affect your own life but also your family’s.

Your entire day depends on it

We cannot stress enough on the fact that your entire day depends on your sleeping pattern. At Beds4U we stock high quality mattresses that provide you ultimate comfort. Our helpful staff have are trained to have in depth knowledge of the products we stock so you can feel confident in your purchase.  

Pop into one of our 13 stores nationwide and give our beds a try! We also stock pillows, headboards and other accessories for a one stop shop.

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At Beds4U, we aim to bring back your dream sleep!