When it comes to buying a new bed, you can be completely clueless about the pros and cons, as we do not go to buy a bed on a daily basis. To buy a new bed you have to spend a considerable amount of money you cannot just go to a store and get the one which just looks good to your eyes. You have to be sure about the quality and the comfort it can provide to you.

So this is why you must go through this post and know everything about buying a new bed. You may not be buying a new bed today, but at some point or the other you will have to, or maybe your friend or family member might be able to use your knowledge for buying a new bed. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you buy a perfect bed:

1. Go As Per The Interiors Of Your Room And Your Style

Before buying a new bed, the first thing that you have to do is to see how your room looks like. You will have even to see the amount of space that is available to accommodate the new piece of furniture, i.e., the bed you will be buying. Before talking more about the space, part let us find that what should be the style of the bed that you will be buying.

There are many kinds of beds available in the market like Wooden beds, Metal beds, Fabric beds, etc. Wooden bed frames are also available in different colours and styles. From Vintage to modern look- You can definitely find one that suits your style.


Inspire plushFoxton Bed Frame


2. Be Ready With The Measurements Of Your Room’s Space

Measuring the bed size is a technical part of choosing the right bed, but it is the most essential. Now if you have to buy a bed which is perfect for the interiors and also is as per your style but does not fit in well inside the room, then you can be thinking of what a big mistake you did by buying a new piece of furniture.

To make the right measurement, firstly find out the dimensions of your room wall to wall and then also measure the dimensions of your old bed. Now see what the amount of space you want to be left for the other things inside the room and also for moving around freely. You do not want to get a bed as big which consumes all the empty space and you have no space left for moving around, doing some basic exercise, etc.

If you are already using a single bed but want to bring a double bed then also be cautious about saving space for other furniture and your movement inside the room. To get accurate measurements just check out some of the standard Bed Sizes that will be available in the market.

  • Single 3’0″ x 6’2″    92 x 188cm
  • King Single 3’6″ x 6’8″    107 x 203cm
  • Double 4’6″ x 6’2″    135 x 188cm
  • Queen  5’0″ x 6’8″     150 cm x 203 cm
  • King 5′ 6″ x 6’8″    165 x 203cm
  • Super king 6’0″ x 6’8″    183 x 203cm


3. Make Sure That Your Bed And Mattress Are Perfect For Each Other

The mattress and the bed need to be of perfect sizes so that they together can fulfill the purpose of providing you comfort and sound sleep. Now if you have the mattresses and do not want to buy new ones, then the choice of the bed will have to be made as per the size of the mattress. Though in most cases people prefer buying a new mattress with a new bed. This makes more sense as no one would like to keep an old mattress on a new bed. To get the right size of both bed and mattress, you can prefer buying them both from the same store.

It is important that both the mattress and the bed’s frame should be of good quality to get the right sleep. For example, you spent a big amount of your savings on a top quality mattress, but your bed’s frame is not strong enough to support it, then you will not get the best of your new mattress. You will still be feeling uncomfortable and be thinking that you made a mistake by spending that money.


4. Shopping From The Right Store And Choosing A Trustworthy Brand

It is always suggested that while buying a bed or a mattress, you must choose the right bed store If you go to a store which has not built a good rep in the market, can be selling you a bed that resembles completely with the bed of good quality but fails to match the features and strength. Even if you are going in for top brands make sure you are stepping in the right store as our Beds4u.

Beds4u provide you with not just good brands and variety of products, but also give you services like Interest-free easy financing options, free old bed removal services, 60-night comfort guarantee, etc.


5. To Practically Try Out The New Bed

The most common mistake that is done by most of the buyers is that they look at the bed, its measurements and if they are satisfied with these two things, they make the purchase. A bed is not a showpiece, and its worth cannot be assumed by just these two factors. To buy a new bed, you have to actually test it before you take it home. Here is how you must go through this checking process.

After you have seen a couple of beds with different styles and measurements, and have finalized a few, you could be interested in; it is time that you must sleep on them in the store itself. We are not suggesting you take a proper nap, but at least 10 minutes should be spent on the bed you want to test. You should sleep the way you will be sleeping in your bed back at home. Make sure you try to sleep in all different positions that you are the most comfortable in.


6. Bed Should Also Be Tested By The Person Who Will Be Sharing The Bed With You

When you are buying a bed for two, then it is not possible to make the right choice by yourself. Since as individuals, we can have different body structures and choices, we can also have different preferences for comfort. To buy the right bed for two, both the people will have to test the comfort of the bed before making the final purchase.


7. Things And Questions You Should Ask The Bed Store Manager

You will be spending a considerable amount of money to buy a new bed and mattress, and thus you have the right to ask certain questions. It is not just your right, but it is also essential to ask these questions to make sure you are getting the right product for the value you will be spending. Make sure to ask these questions:

  • Is the headboard provided with the bed or not?
  • Will the bed be delivered completely assembled or will the bed be assembled at home itself? Also, make sure to ask if there will be any charges for the assembly or not. Good stores usually offer assembly and delivery services at nominal charges, but still, you should ask this to avoid any confusion.
  • Once you have liked a kind of bed, do ask for similar beds which have smart storage designs. These beds with smart storage design may cost you a bit more, but it will be wise to opt for these designs.
  • Ask for special offers before you have paid. Sometimes during festive seasons, or for brand promotion, the bed comes with free pillows or sheets.
  • Do not forget to have all the details about the guarantee and the warranty of the bed. You should be aware that what all kinds of damages to bed are covered under the warranty or guarantee and what is the period.
  • Just like you will have to ask about the assembly cost, you will also have to confirm the cost of the delivery of the bed. Some stores can do the delivery for free, but if they charge, then you must know how much they do and also calculate if the price you are being charged is fair or not.


8. Make The Best Use Of Festive Occasions To Get The Best Price

No matter how easy is it for you to spend, it is always wise to make the best of festive occasions as you can get good discounts during this time on good quality beds very easily.

One of the ways to get a good price is to check for the prices and buy beds online. If you are getting a better deal on the online store, you can choose to buy your bed from there too. But make sure that before buying the bed online, you find out the model number and then visit a store and ask for the same model number and brand. If the same bed is available there, you must not hesitate to try it out, even if you plan to buy it from the online store.

At the physical store, you can even talk to the manager and tell him the price you are getting online. There is a probability that you might be offered a price near to the price you are getting at the online store. Even if the manager would not be able to quote a price that you found on the internet, there is a chance that they might offer you a lot of free stuff like mattress protectors, pillows, bed sheets along with the bed.


9. Ensuring The Safe Delivery Of The Bed

Once you have made the purchase, the next step is to make sure that your bed is delivered safely and at the right cost. Not all stores offer free delivery, and thus you must ask for the amount that you will have to pay for delivering the bed to your doorstep. If you feel the price is not fair, you can choose to make your own arrangements too.


10. Disposing of The Old Bed

When you are buying a new bed, there will be a need to dispose of the old bed too. Now it is not necessary to throw it away, but it can also be donated or given to a recycling center. This service is also offered by good stores. Though most of the stores will charge a  fee to do so, Beds4u offer free old bed removal service to all customers who buy a new bed or mattress. So visit your local Beds4u store today to free yourself from the unwanted hassle.

With these tips, you can surely buy a perfect new bed or even help a colleague or friend to do so. For more suggestions, bed buying tips etc. keep checking our website on a regular basis.


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