Not so long ago, the New York Times carried a blog post that went by the name of “We tell kids to go to sleep! We need to teach them why.” The post was written with the aim of providing some valuable insights on the correlation that existed between the sleeping habits of a child and its impact on their learning and information processing capabilities. The highlight of the blog was several results obtained from studies conducted on the sleeping habits of children in the age group of 4 to 12 years.

The post goes on to explain at length how sleep helps to renew and restore the body while also performing some much-needed maintenance work on the mind. Sleep helps to preserve important memories from the day gone by and also reinforces skills and information that one may have learned just recently. Moreover, results from research conducted around the period this blog post was published indicated that an increase of half an hour in the amount of daily sleep received by a child helped to reduce their impulsiveness, restlessness, emotional inconsistencies, and daytime sleepiness. Experts have noted that such behaviors usually have a negative effect on what a school-age child learns in the classroom.

Children have often been found to be lacking in sleep and there are a number of reasons why that happens. In the study, it was found that many parents are unaware of how many hours their child should ideally be sleeping. The absence of a definite bedtime routine was a problem for some. For others, they followed an evening routine that included such things as watching television and consumption of sweet snacks, things that adversely affect a good night of sleep for the kids. Nevertheless, a positive routine can only get the child to bed on time but the efforts go to waste if they are not able to get a comfortable sleep once they are tucked in.

When it comes to the bedroom furniture package for children, they usually get presented with an innerspring mattress. Sadly, It is oftentimes of a very inferior quality and only finds its way into the package because parents want their children to feel that they are not missing out on a slice of the pie. Such thrifty behavior on the part of the parents ends up affecting the children and the kind of performance they are able to put in at school. To help them get the right amount of sleep that will help them attain success in the long run, a Comfortable Mattress would be a good thing to present them with.

This may be time for the winter vacations but the school days are just around the corner. Give your child and yourself the luxury of a good night’s sleep by knowing that he or she will be well prepared to take on the challenges of learning brought forth by a new day when they wake in the morning.

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