Sleep is not something that comes easily to everyone. Some of us are lucky enough to be out the moment our heads hit the pillow. But for others, the battle of tossing and turning and counting sheep goes on unless they do something about it. Of course, there are many different ways to improve your sleeping habits, that brings us to today’s post where we share some useful tips to improve your sleeping habits.

So, stretch yourself on that comfortable mattress, grab hold of your favorite pillow and let your body get back to a comfortable position to sleep in and finally prepare yourself to get some early sleep.


  • Turn Off All Your Electronic Gadgets

You must have heard this being told to you several times. Isn’t it? Do not use your electronics before going to bed. The reason is a simple one — light sources provide a cue to your body. In olden days it was no difficult task to say whether it was bedtime or not since the sun would, in a way, be going off to bed. The darkness acted as an indicator to the brain to start the melatonin production to settle down for a night of deep sleep.

However, things have changed dramatically in recent years, and that is proving detrimental leading to more sleeping disorders and other medical ailments. Artificial light sources are available in abundance and can play havoc with our circadian rhythms by making it believe it’s still daytime.

Light from LED bulbs and fluorescent lamps is terrible but the blue light emanating from computer screens and phones is the worst. It suppresses the production of melatonin in the body and keeps our mind engaged. Therefore, give your brain a complete break at night by putting all these devices away before hitting the sack. Try reading a good book to cuddle up to for a change!

  • Let There Be Darkness

Keeping the lights turned on in the room or having a night light that is brighter than usual will interfere with melatonin production and will make it difficult for you to fall and remain asleep.

Take every possible measure to make your bedroom as dark as possible. During the summertime, you may be required to use things such as sleep masks and blackout curtains to keep out the light. The extra effort will be worth a good night sleep.


  • Keep Your Room Cool

Have you ever woken up in the middle of your sleep feeling hot and sweaty? Our bodies are averse to the idea of being warmer than necessary at night even when we are sleeping in the most comfortable position.

The body is always trying to vent out heat so that it can remain cooler by several degrees. But it’s not possible if the room is hotter than your body temperature. Leave the window open or turn on the AC so that the mercury falls a few notches to let your balance out your body temperature.


  • Find Yourself A Better Bed

The quality of the beds — to be more precise, the mattress — we sleep in often have a major influence on our quality of sleep. The comfort level, support, age, and size are all influencing factors in getting a comfortable sleep. There are more options for you to work with than you may realize and almost everyone will stake a claim to their mattress being the best. So, do some research and bid farewell to your old mattress and find the one that will fulfill all your sleeping needs.

Also, remember that the size of the bed also plays a significant role. You can have a very expensive and fancy bed, but if it is too small to accommodate you, then it is likely that you are experiencing very poor sleep. If you wish to enjoy sleeping like a king, you will need to get your hands on something that is more in line with the dimensions seen in a king-size mattress.


Final Thoughts

For those of you plagued by sleeping issues, shut yourself down and get away from every external and materialistic thing and be calm. With everything mentioned above, listen to your body and let everything go away and find your mindfulness to allow the body to go into a deep sleep. Please note if the condition of insomnia persists for long, we suggest you visit a doctor immediately for the right treatment.