Half of the year has almost finished, and so has the enthusiasm to achieve our resolutions. You cannot blame yourself for that as the hectic routine does not allow you to do so. In the excitement of the new beginnings, we also tend to choose resolutions which need a lot of spare time, and as the year passes by, we are so much caught up in the everyday problems.


Now that doesn’t mean that you should not take resolutions anymore. What if you could take a resolution that would benefit you in many ways, and would not just be easy to follow but also become your favorite thing to do? If you guessed that resolution to get more sleep, you guessed it right.


Sleeping more cannot be tough for anyone. Moreover, it does have various benefits for your health. Keep reading to know the eight benefits of a sound sleep.


  1. You Start Thinking Smarter

When you get a good sleep after a tiring day, your brain will function better. You will be able to see a positive change in your reflexes and cognitive skills.


  1. You Don’t Feel The Stress

The major reason for stress is lack of rest. Even if there is not much pressure, a tired body will lead to stress. When your body does not get a sound sleep the level of blood pressure and stress hormones also increases. A good sleep can eliminate all these problems very easily.


  1. Gives You A Longer Life Span

If you want to live more and put a tick on all the things on your bucket list, then you must start sleeping more from today itself. Studies show that people who manage to get a sleep of at least 7 hours have a longer lifespan than the ones who skip sleep.


  1. Have A Better Mood

Another study shows that getting a sound sleep can improve the level of serotonin in your body, which improves your mood throughout the day.


  1. Improve Your Memory

The time when you are sleeping your brain is not involved in your tasks, but the process is known as memory consolidation. During this time all the events of the day are processed and stored in your memory. More you sleep better will be your memory.


  1. Look Attractive

While sleeping our body is also repairing itself. The regeneration of the cells and protein building is done when you are sleeping. This makes you healthy and also more appealing.


  1. Heals Pain Faster

If you are suffering from chronic pain or recently injured yourself, it is very important that you should sleep as the body heals the fastest while it is in a relaxed mode.


  1. Regulate Your Weight

Most of the time we gain weight because of irregular eating and the reason for this bad habit can be the decreased levels of a hormone called leptin. Sleeping well can neutralize the levels of leptin which will regulate your diet and also your weight.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, good sleep has a lot more to offer. Stick to your mid-year resolution of sleeping more and get a first-hand experience and better lifestyle too.