Not getting sound sleep is a common issue, but sleepwalking is not something you experience every day. Waking up in half sleep, just to go for nature’s call or quench the thirst is something we all do, but if you or a family member sleepwalks, special care is needed for it.

The attack of sleepwalking occurs only after a few hours of sleep, and the person who is affected by sleepwalking can be spotted easily moving around the entire house even, and sometimes outdoors even. Children are more affected by sleepwalking in comparison to adults.

Understanding The Behaviour Of Sleepwalkers

Sleepwalking is also known as somnambulism. It is not just about walking in sleep. The behaviour of sleepwalkers can vary. Sometimes it can be harmless and occasionally dangerous. If the sleepwalker just gets up and then goes back to bed, it is not an alarming issue, but if the sleepwalker has started moving around and there is no one to attend to them, then they can potentially harm themselves. Mostly the sleepwalkers do not remember the event, and thus the family members need to be more cautious about their safety. If you have a sleepwalker in your family, follow these safety measures.

  1. Do Not Wake A Sleepwalker

Waking up a sleepwalker while he or she is sleepwalking, might startle them. It is best to guide them safely back to their bed.

  1. Lock The Windows And Doors

To prevent a sleepwalker in your family from going outdoors while sleepwalking, you must lock the windows and exterior doors.

  1. Don’t Sleep On A Bunk Bed

If you or a family member sleepwalks, then it is very risky to use a bunk bed. Falling from a bunk bed can cause a major injury and sometimes fatal too. For maximum safety, a sleepwalker should be made to sleep on a comfortable mattress itself, and even the bed should be avoided.

  1. Keep Them Embraced While Sleeping

A sleepwalker cannot think while sleepwalking and thus for their safety, it is important to embrace them or keep them contained while sleeping.

  1. Keep Dangerous Items Out Of Reach

While sleepwalking the person cannot think, and as a precaution, it is important to keep dangerous objects like guns, knives, or anything sharp far from their reach.

  1. Try To Keep The Space Obstacle Free

The area around the room where the sleepwalker sleeps should be kept empty. This will avoid any injuries to the sleepwalker.

Apart from these precautions, you can also do few things which will also help in avoiding the habit of sleepwalking. You can use soft music to make the sleep deep and calm. Before sleep try to reduce the beverage consumption, or the sleepwalker might have the urge to visit the washroom while sleeping.

A comfortable mattress is also equally important as the above precautions. This helps as the sleep will not be interrupted, and the chances of sleepwalking will reduce automatically. At Beds4u we bring you wide range of mattress to pick based on your comfort level. Shop on our website or walk into the store to take home a comfortable mattress of your choice today!

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