If you are sleeping next to a disturbing sleep talker or if you are a sleep talker yourself, your situation is both amusing yet problematic. The person who ends up sleeping next to a sleep talker is in deep trouble for most of his or her bedtime. While it’s really funny to listen to someone blabbering during the sleep, it can make the situation worse to hear someone talking while you are trying to sleep. You may not get enough sleep as you need. The problem can be difficult to handle if the person tends to speak louder or shout during the sleep.

In this post, we will discuss some of the ways to improve the sleep talking situation for prone people.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the cause of what is making a person sleep talk. In the rarest case scenario, there could be some underlying psychiatric or medical problem due to which an individual might be prone to sleep talking. In other usual situation, anyone who is not able to get enough sleep can also face the issue of sleep talking. There are problems like depression, stress, sleep deprivation can result in talking in your sleep. In some cases, it could be side effects of any medications as well.

Secondly, Address the possible cause of sleeping talking with your partner. Use relaxation techniques to reduce tiredness and stress and also encourage more restful sleep. It will help you reduce the higher risk of talking in sleep. The techniques such as warm bath, breathing exercises and warm milk will help you develop the calm routine every day. Invest in the supportive and high-quality mattress to improve the ability to sleep well. The bad posture can also lead to uncomfortable sleep leading to possible talking. Don’t forget to choose your mattress based on sleeping style.

Thirdly, Try to relax before the bedtime routine. Your partner should also help you avoid any possible activity to match the deeper sleep level. Exercising a little, eating high protein meal and drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol possibly tend to increase the occurring of sleep talking. Also, try to avoid watching TV before the bedtime and leave your bedroom quiet and nice when it’s time to sleep.

Lastly, Seek some medical help, if the problem persists. Unfortunately, you cannot really control the amount of sleep that can affect a particular person. If the problem continues even after making changes to your lifestyle and habits, you or your partner might need expert help. To identify the possible underlying cause, you can see a sleep specialist for a permanent solution.

Meanwhile, to sleep better, you can take comfort in using a pair of earplugs or small table fan to add white noise. It’s always important to explore different options until both of you can get a good night sleep. At Beds4u we feel that even if we cannot help you change your lifestyle or habits, one thing we can surely do is to recommend high-quality mattresses. We offer a wide range of mattresses from innerspring to memory foam mattresses made right here in New Zealand at a great price. Check out the inventory today!

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