There was a time a when people use to sleep to regenerate energy and spirits, but what if you are so tired that you are not just able to sleep? This is a problem with many working people these days. The effect of such a thing is that the individuals nowadays are more tired after waking up in the morning than they were when they hit the bed after work.

Many times you must have noticed that you came back home from a very stressful day at work, but yet you are hyperactive or wired. You will notice that even after a tiring day, sleeping quickly is not possible whereas it should be the opposite. Many people are also not able to have an uninterrupted sleep because of the stress. High-stress levels end up giving us adrenal fatigue which cannot be fixed even with rest.

Restlessness Induced Due To Hormones

The everyday stress is one of the reasons for the production of adrenaline and cortisol. The stress hormones also affect our body. The inflammation and deregulated blood sugar level are caused because of it. This often leads to hormonal chaos and also suppression of the immune system.

It can also give you the digestive system problems which are usually caused due to the dysfunction of adrenal system. Because of this, you can also gain unhealthy weight which is also tough to get rid off.

If we talk about stress, it is nothing, but it is just the way our mind and reflexes react to the hurdles in daily life. Stress not just affects us physically but also our behaviour and emotions. The right amount of stress is good and can positively channelize your efforts, but extra stress will only lead to anxiousness and make it tough to get a sound sleep. You can fix this problem with a regular workout routine and a comfortable mattress.

How To Lower The Stress Level?

Stress cannot be avoided, but its effects can be reduced. We need to react less to the stress we are facing. One of the ways to do so is to sleep on a comfortable mattress. On a comfortable bed, you tend to sleep comfortably and in the right posture. If your body is comfortable on the mattress, you will be able to sleep well for a long time, and your sleep will not be disrupted at odd hours.

You must also check your eating habits and avoid eating right before sleeping. Cut off the sugar, gluten, and refined carbs to make adrenal glands function normally. You can also try meditation for a while in a day as it is also a good way to eliminate stress and put the body cycle back on track.

For any working individual, the stress is unavoidable, but for good health, you must not react to stress and take things easy. Habits like sleeping on a comfortable mattress, mediation, and a good diet, will keep you stress-free.

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