A good night’s sleep is an important part of your health and well-being and increases productivity during the day. Getting optimum sleep also helps you be at ease with yourself and can help reduce anxiety and stress.

From reduced attention span to increase in workload, the world has seen some drastic changes over the last few years!

But we feel a lot can be done by taking the right measure to rest well. It’s time to hit the pause button on your hectic life and take some time to recharge. 

If you look at the life of athletes, you’ll notice that before every match, game or performance the first thing they do is - take adequate rest!

Instead of overburdening themselves with extra practice and rigorous training right before the big day, they choose to give their body the much-needed break it deserves so that they can recharge, preserve their energy and perform better.

When you choose to rest and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you don’t waste time, instead, you help your body and mind reach a peaceful point of congruence, eventually helping it reach a point of balanced equilibrium.

Furthermore, your sleeping pattern directly affects your ability to make decisions. The healthier your sleeping pattern is, the better decisions you make. Some surveys suggest that sleep improves your decision making by 4%!

If you are someone who is directly motivated by how fit you are and make an active effort to take care of your body then you will be aware of how sleep impacts your weight and overall health. It also reduces your attention span and your emotional health. Researchers believe that lack of sleep reduces your ability to recognise social cues and understand emotions.

We suggest that you invest in optimum sleep, healthy naps and rest in order to live a quality life!

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