Chilltime is around the corner, which means the days are becoming shorter and the nights are getting longer, and nothing beats jumping into a comfortable and warm bed after a long, unpleasant winter's day.

However, did you know that? When the outside temperature is too low, our body's capacity to sleep decreases, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Don't worry, a few little tweaks to your bed will allow you to simply catch some zzz's and sleep better in the winter.

Mom and daughter on bed

Layout your bed

Rather than just using one thick blanket, comforter, let's think about creating layers instead. The idea is to create layers of insulation and trap air. 

It's not difficult and inexpensive when you just need to use a mattress protector and a bedding sheet together, an extra layer of the duvet is also a good idea if you need to keep warm. However, you should pay attention to the material of these layers because it will affect comfort during sleep. You can choose bedding items from natural and organic materials such as Tencel, Cotton or Silk.

Bed LayersGet a mattress topper

If you can invest in a memory foam mattress to sleep better that's the best thing you can do for yourself this winter.However, if a branded mattress is still working well, a memory foam topper is a great solution because foam traps your body heat against you, so you're unlikely to feel cold at night.

3 Easy, Low-cost Tips To Warm Your Bed And Sleep Better In The WinterDon't forget your pillows

You can't get your head under the blanket all night, so pillows seem to be the only thing that can keep your head and ears warm. If a Cool Gel pillow is a great choice for hot sleepers in the summer then our Serene Silk Pillow or Adapta Pillow will be the ideal companion for your sleep in Winter. In addition, to increase the ability to retain heat for your pillow, you can consider using a Pillow Protector.


We hope these tips for how to stay warm at night are useful for you and that you have a better night’s sleep.