The human body is deeply influenced by daily habits. Backaches and dislocated discs in old age can be a result of bad posture in the early stages of your life. That being said, how about a quick posture test? 

If you are sitting?

are your feet resting flat on the floor with even weight on both your hips? 

Is your back straight?

Are your shoulders relaxed and ears in line up over your collarbones? 

If so, your sitting posture is perfect! 

Similarly, while standing up, your legs should have a slight bend on the knee so that you don’t end up hyperextending or locking your knee joints. Your feet can be flat on the group with a parallel gap to your shoulders. 

There are times when you might feel that your posture is right, but sometimes while fixing your posture you might actually end up making it even worse for yourself. It is important to remember that you cannot over-exert yourself. 

There are right postures for everything, from sitting and standing to walking, running and even sleeping! Yes, there is a correct and healthy way to do everything.

You might wonder, is there really a ‘correct’ way to sleep?  As a company that specialise in beds, let us help you out with some suggestions for the perfect posture to sleep! 

Sleep is an integral part of your life. You might not get the full 8 hours of sleep, but whatever sleep you get should be done in a perfect way. Sleeping, essentially, ends up impacting your lifestyle and schedule deeply which eventually affects your future and your present.

The muscles and ligaments of your back relax and heal themselves while you sleep. In order to protect your back, good posture is important while sleeping. 

We understand that it is difficult to be aware of your posture while sleeping the entire time. So, we are here to help you! With the perfect bed, you can easily achieve the perfect sleeping posture. 

Perfect mattress 

Finding a perfect mattress is not easy but at Beds4U we make sure to make you find your perfect match! 

The mattress that is right for you will automatically make your back feel relaxed, well-rested and free of pain. 

In case you have a condition that may require a certain type of mattress, you should choose a mattress that provides support for the natural curves of your spine and is comfortable. We recommend one of our most-loved mattresses and that is Spine Supporter, it helps in easing your spine problems and gives you a good night's sleep. 

In case you share a bed with a partner, you should have enough space to move into a comfortable sleeping position. Try and replace your mattress once in 8-10 years. 

Don’t forget to ask your healthcare provider or physical therapist to recommend a mattress that would be best for you. 

You can also visit one of our stores to make sure that you find the mattress that is best for you! 

Perfect Pillow 

Pillows are not just there to support your head and neck. Depending on the position you sleep in, pillows can help keep your spine in the proper position. 

The pillow you use for your head should also support the natural curve of your neck and be comfortable. An extremely high pillow can cause a muscle strain on your back, neck and shoulders. 

Choose your pillow carefully and while doing so make sure the neck is aligned with your chest and lower back. 

An adjustable pillow is always a great idea because it allows you to sleep in different positions. 

At Beds4U, you can find a variety of pillows to help support your sleeping habits while making sure that a correct sleeping posture is maintained. 

We understand that it is difficult to break old habits and follow a healthy way of being. But we are here to help. Let us help you in this journey of self-improvement, the first step for which is taking care of your sleeping postures along with other postures. For better assistance, you can visit any one of our stores in New Zealand for perfect pillows and mattresses for you!