Another family gets together and another possible chance for you to laugh at your uncle’s snoring problem. The thought of waking up neighbor’s dog with Uncle’s snore might seem very funny but the concern might be really serious for him.

When you sleep, your muscles relax and while this happens, your throat gets narrower and tongue falls back. So, when you breathe there is a specific snoring sound that is created. The narrower your throat becomes, louder the sound of your snore gets. Besides the muscle relaxation, there are different other causes such as old age, blocked airways, and excessive neck fat.

Snoring may affect people from all age groups and is common among men than women. Snoring can lead to a negative impact on the overall quality of your life as it can be really hard for one to sleep next to the person who snores loudly. The tiredness and fatigue of the day will make you less vigilant eventually and also grumpier and less productive. Most of all it will create trouble for your relationship if the problem persists for long.

Being one of the unpleasant concerns it’s really important to learn to treat it. Here are five simple remedies to get rid of your snoring.


  1. Live A Healthy Lifestyle

As mentioned before, the excess fat around your neck can lead to narrowing of your throat muscles and thus creating more loud snoring sound. Leading a healthy lifestyle which includes 30 minutes of daily exercising, avoiding junk food, sleeping better and eventually losing weight especially around the neck area will give you some relief from loud snoring issues. It’s also important to lower down your alcohol consumption because it is responsible for making your muscles more relaxed and will lead to more snoring.


  1. Anti Snoring Mouth Appliances

These days there are different types of appliances for anti snoring to choose from. While sleeping an anti-snoring appliance helps in improving the breathing process, by bringing tongue and lower jaw forward.


  1. Don’t Exhaust Yourself

No matter how much you want to stay back for the overtime to finish a project pushing yourself harder than required will get you really tired. Don’t exhaust yourself to an extent that when you eventually end up sleeping you body also relaxes more leading to loud snoring once again.


4. Sleep In A Proper Position

An old, overused pillow and worn out mattress with lots of dust and allergens can create health problems. An overused pillow and mattress may no longer give you required neck and body support.

Don’t sleep with you back on the mattress without a good pillow and if possible try to sleep in the side position as it would not out much pressure on your throat making it easy to breathe.


  1. Consult a Doctor

If all the above-mentioned steps fail, consider consulting your physician. He will do some medical tests and will try to determine how bad is your snowing and if needed, will provide you medical procedure such as surgery or implants depending on the severity of your snoring issue.

For some, the improvement might be instant while others may see the effect after some time but the biggest change you can ever make is to improve your lifestyle and inculcate these tips to improve your sleeping habits which will be not only helpful for you but for the person sleeping next to you as well.