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Spine Supporter

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Spine Supporter

The Spine Supporter’s -Techno 10 X-  is a truly supportive and pressure relieving luxurious bed made in New Zealand. It features natural Silk fabric that comes with great health and skin benefits. Silk is defined as expensive, high-quality and has beneficial attributes. Because of its anti-ageing properties, silk has been a favourite for centuries. The Ortho-cool Gel Memory foam supports like traditional memory foam, only without the heat build-up! The difference is the new technology that combines gel-infused memory foam, to create an extremely comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleeping experience.

The Spine Supporter has 7 varying degrees of firmness for total body comfort, provided by the 7 zoned pocket coils. Also, includes a generous plush pillow top with gel-infused natural latex, that provides excellent body support while being extremely comfortable.

Create a foundation for a comfortable sleep with a sturdy base made from solid New Zealand pine wood comes along with glides for simple positioning

Bed Highlights

  • 7 Degrees of Posture Support
  • Luxurious Medium Soft Feel
  • No Heat Build Up
  • Skin Friendly
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance
  • Pressure Relief


  • Techno 10X Spring Technology provides support and pressure distribution, these springs also provide spine alignment and at the same time targeting your shoulder care and support to your complete body.
  • The Gel Memory foam in the mattress actively cools you down throughout the night. This Gel Memory foam also isolates movement so you can sleep through your partner’s tossing and turning.
  • The Pillowtop allows you to settle in for immediate pressure relief with the plush foam giving you weightless support.
  • Silk Enriched with Health Guard Fabric has anti-aging effects on your skin and the Health-Guard treated fabric doesn’t allow bacteria to develop.
  • Techno 10X Spring Technology with 7 zones of Posture Support will target the Neck, Shoulder, Hip, and Leg sections to ensure whole body alignment.


  • Techno 10X Spring Technology
  • Orthocool Gel Memory Foam
  • Gel Infused Purolax Latex
  • Silk Enriched Luxurious Fabric
  • Multiple Layers of Slumberzone Durafoam
  • Total Edge Support System
  • NZ Pine Base
  • Silk Floss Quilting for Health Benefits

Comes with Slumberzone’s 10 Year Warranty.

     NZ's most rated bed