Why the actual amount of sleep we get and what we should get two separate things? Is it important to go to bed at a reasonable time to feel at your best the next day? or is it okay to sacrifice occasional sleep and add a couple of extra hours to other days?

These are some of the questions that we ask ourselves every time we set our alarm clock. Yet, there are only a few of us who ever took the thought seriously about sleep loss actually shortening our life expectancy. However, new scientific research suggests that this might be the case.

In a recent study conducted on twenty thousand sets of twins aging 22 years, it was found out that the subject who slept for fewer hours than the regular seven hours had almost 17 percent higher chance of death over the ones who complete their regular sleep of eight hours. The study also confirmed that there is a 33 percent increase in mortality risk due to the usage of sleep medications.

People who regularly receive less than 6 hours of sleep every day are more prone to stress, weight loss, and short life expectancy than those who got complete 6 to 8 hours of daily sleep. In the case of adults, consistent sleeping has proven to be perfect for good health, sound mind and active lifestyle. Similarly, adolescents need more hours to have a healthy lifestyle.

The studies have also concluded that the medical condition caused due to chronic loss of sleep could also be another reason for the high risk of death. According to the Harvard Medical School’s Sleep Medicine Division, the list of disease caused by a long-term sleep disorder such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Moreover, since the loss of sleep also weakens your immune system, there is more number of medical conditions that are initiated by regular sleep loss.

The biggest challenge is to get an adequate sleep where you are able to fall asleep immediately and stay in the same way once you get into the bed. Also, you should ensure that your bedroom temperature is cool, dark, and also free from noises. Your mattress also plays a very important role that is often ignored by people. Regardless of if you prefer to use a pocketed coil, innerspring, memory foam, hybrid mattress, or latex, the best mattresses will also be made of a good quality material that gives you comfort and support for many years.

Neglecting the quality of your mattress will be the biggest mistake you will do to keep yourself away from good night sleep.  The bottom line is best quality mattresses always address your body pains in a way most of the regular beds cannot. So, establish a sleep cycle, a good quality mattress and noise proof room to give yourself a healthy and wealthy life term. From all new innovative foams to sustainable fibers, we bring you mattresses that will enhance your overall sleep and give you an ideal sleep environment.