Mattress firmness is one of those key characteristics to consider before you make a purchase. Finding the right level is critical for a good night's sleep. If you select a unit that is too soft or too firm, you are unlikely to sleep well and could start experiencing back issues.


These mattresses are the hardest types available because only a limited amount of people would actually prefer this type of unit, they usually aren't as popular in the bedding market. It might create sore joints instead of relieving them.
These are slightly firmer to firm mattresses, and they provide a little less hug and sinkage than the medium ones. There are certain exceptions, depending on your body type, but these generally accommodate people who prefer a little more firmness underneath them. Certain back sleepers and those who regularly lie on their stomachs should enjoy these beds.
Medium beds are the preferred option on the market, accommodating the biggest number of sleepers. Most beds we have reviewed have been around this level. Beds with a medium firmness can usually accommodate different sleep positions, which is also why they're often recommended for combination sleepers.
These are plush or medium soft mattresses that usually have a sinkage that ranges from 1.5 to 3 inches. These would usually come in two different forms – a deep cushion hug and a traditional deep contour memory foam. These are great for people who prefer to sleep on their sides.
soft mattresses are extremely plush. Unfortunately, they are usually incapable of delivering proper support. They create significant sinkage, which is often a red flag that a bed won't be supportive enough, which would be detrimental to your spinal health. We haven't reviewed any beds that have this level of firmness.


Stomach Sleeper

Stomach sleepers usually enjoy medium-firm mattresses, though some lighter-weight sleepers might like a medium The reason for this is that they typically prefer minimal sinkage to help make sure their midsection doesn't dip too much, as this could cause the spine to curve at an awkward angle.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers typically require softer mattresses. Most people who sleep on their side should experience quality pressure relief without losing vital support in the mattress range of medium soft to medium Pressure relief is important to side sleepers because this position causes body weight to become concentrated at a smaller surface

Back Sleeper

Back sleepers are typically best suited with medium-firm beds. These mattresses often provide enough firmness while still giving the sleeper good pressure relief. However, some users may enjoy slightly firmer beds, depending on their preference.


Men are usually heavier than women, so they may be drawn to firmer mattresses. The general rule of thumb is that when you are a bit heavier, you should use something firmer in order to prevent spinal misalignment. As mentioned, firmness and support can influence one another, and oftentimes, firmer beds help keep the sleeper elevated for better alignment.


Many women should find the medium-firm feel most comfortable, as it can keep them well-supported while still relieving pressure in sensitive areas like the hips and shoulders. That being said, this can vary as well, with some women preferring softer beds while others may enjoy firmer selections.


If you sleep with a partner, this will also factor into your decision-making process. Most mattresses we recommend for couples fall in the medium-firm range since it's the most accommodating. For example, if you enjoy a softer bed, but it's too plus for your partner, this could hinder their sleep. Generally, medium-firm is your best bet for co-sleeping.

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