Sleep is almost as essential as healthy food for the well being of our body. Sound sleep is essential, as your body repairs the worn out tissues while you are sleeping in a comfortable position. Just like a phone’s battery is charged with a charger, so is your body refreshed with a comfortable sleep of 7 to 8 hours.   If you cannot get a sound sleep of approximately 8 hours, you will not be able to give your complete effort at work as your body will be fatigued from the previous day.


For sound sleep, one of the most important things is a comfortable mattress. When you buy a new mattress, you allow yourself the comfort and support of a new mattress that helps you to have a good sleep. But nothing lasts forever, and when the comfort of the mattress starts to deteriorate, you will start having troubles in getting restful sleep. The best thing to do here is to get a new mattress and make your sleep comfortable again.

Now the question here is that how do you figure if your mattress is not good enough to make your sleep comfortable. Many people think that the replacement of the mattress can be determined by its warranty period.

That is not always true, as the mattress might start losing its quality before the warranty period which is usually of 5 or 10 years. The mattress can start deteriorating because of various reasons like you are not being able to take care of the mattress.

Well, it is being used as a playground or a trampoline by your kids, various beverages have been spilled on it accidentally, and many other similar reasons. Sometimes it is also possible that because of good maintenance, the mattress may also be good as new even after your warranty has expired.

So, to help you figure out if your mattress is in right shape or not, you must pay attention to your body and mattress both. Go through the points mentioned below and find out if it is time that you need to go and buy a new mattress or not.


  1. Determining The Mattress’s Quality By Its Age

The first thing that will help you know that if your mattress needs replacement or not, is the age of the mattress. It is almost impossible for anyone to remember that when was the mattress bought. People who are very calculative, choose to maintain files with data of dates and amount at which things were purchased, but not everyone can be like that. So, the best way to remember your mattress purchase date is to jot it down on the label of the mattress on the day you bought it from the store.

Now if you bought a mattress with a warranty of about 15 to 20 years, it is not certain that your mattress can last for that long. The warranty is for the workmanship of the mattress and springs inside it. It is the foam inside the mattress that starts deteriorating after about 6 to 7 years, and you are unable to get a sound sleep.

So, no matter you bought a mattress in the year 2005 and it has a warranty of 20 years, after a certain period it is sure that your mattress will need replacement.


  1. You Feel Fatigued And Drained At Work Or During The Day

If you have been able to sleep well, then you will have great energy stored in you, and you will be able to work and spend your day without feeling drowsy. As you will wake up, you will feel fresh and be enthusiastic about the challenges the new day has for you.

But if the situation is that you were not able to get a good sleep, then you will feel tired even the moment you woke, and this will prolong throughout your entire day. You will not feel interested in any of the tasks, and there can be only two reasons behind it. It can be either, you have sleep apnea or other sleeping disorder because of which you could not sleep well, or it is your mattress which is not able to provide the right comfort to your body.


  1. You Do Not Wake Up With A Smile But With A Stiff Back

If you are sleeping on time and also getting enough hours of sleep, but still when you wake up, you have a pain in shoulders, back and, neck, then it is definitely the problem with your mattress. When the mattress gets old, it loses its firmness. It is the firmness of the mattress that allows your body to sleep well. With time the mattress can become saggy, and while you are sleeping on it, your body’s pressure points would be resting on the springs inside the mattress instead of the foam.

The back needs to be straight while sleeping so your body can get a comfortable sleep. But when the mattress gets old, the foam inside the mattress which is also referred to as comfort layer loses both the shape and compression. So, when you sleep on it, your back does not remain straight and instead, it starts sagging into the mattress because of which you feel the pain when you wake up.

You must have noticed that even while you are awake and you are not in a natural posture, you will start feeling uneasy. Since while sleeping, the conscious mind does not react to the pains and the discomfort, the body keeps sleeping in the bad posture because of which you do not just feel pain in the morning, but if this thing is not rectified timely, you might develop serious health problems in future.


  1. You Feel More Comfortable In Other Places Rather Than your Bed

Another sign that your body gives to you regarding the replacement of the mattress is that you can start feeling more comfortable even in the chair at your workplace. Has it ever happened to you that, you were not able to sleep in your bedroom, and the moment you walked out to get some fresh air, you feel sleepy?

Or if you even sat on a chair or couch for a while and you just dozed off? This is a sign that your brain is giving to you that the bed you are sleeping on, is not the right place and it is the time to get a new mattress.

If it has been happening to you and you are still not sure if it is a problem with your mattress, then try going to a friend’s place or for a night or stay in a hotel room and then see if you can get a good sleep. If you can sleep better in a different place then surely it is time to replace your old mattress.


  1. You Have Been Hearing A Lot From Your Spring Mattress

The purpose of your mattress is just to let you sleep well, and never bother you by making squeaky noises. But if it has been lately making all the weird sounds, then there is a reason and can also be an indication to go and find a new mattress.

The mattress has a frame box which is responsible for supporting the springs and foam inside it. There can be chances when your mattress seems to be firm and in a very good condition, but the frame is supporting it is not in the right shape. If this is the case, then the springs inside will not function properly, and even if the foam is in its best shape, you will definitely feel uncomfortable while sleeping on the mattress.

The malfunctioned frame can be covered under warranty, so in this case, do contact the store from which you bought the mattress if the warranty period is still applicable.


  1. You Can Easily Spot A Sag In Your Mattress

If even after exercising regularly, eating well and not overstraining yourself, you have been experiencing any pain in your back, joints, and muscles then you should be inspecting your mattress.

If you see a sag and impressions of your body there, then it is bad news that the springs inside your mattress have either become loose or have broken. The broken springs are the reason for your pain, and thus it is definitely time for you to change your mattress.


  1. Feeling Of Sitting In Hammock While Laying On The Mattress

Sometimes the springs can be completely fine, but still, you feel that you jumped into a hammock as you got in your bed. The reason for this might be softening of the memory foam.

Sleeping in this kind of a mattress will give you joint pains, and that will keep bothering you while you are at work, enjoying at a party, or just reading a book. To avoid such misery, you must buy a new mattress. Instead of buying an innerspring mattress you can try buying a different type of mattress.


  1. Dust Allergies Are Making Your Daily Life Miserable

Sometimes your springs and foam in the mattress can be completely fine, but there can be dust mites in an old mattress, which is also a very good reason to buy a new mattress. As the mattress gets old, it becomes home for the allergens like dust mites.

You can figure if your mattress is also a resting place for the dust mites if you have been lately sneezing a lot while sleeping or when you wake up in the morning.

To avoid this, you must get a new mattress as per your bed size. If you live in an area where there can be the presence of dust mites can be more prominent then you can buy latex mattresses or waterbeds as they prevent the dust mites to enter inside. There are even mattresses that come with special protection against the bugs and allergens.


  1. There Is An Unusual Change In Your Weight

A mattress can last for more than 5 to 6 years, and during this time there are chances that you may lose or gain weight considerably. It can happen because of work, accidents, injuries, and many more reasons. Your gaining or losing weight can also affect the firmness of your mattress.

The memory foam inside your mattress conforms tour body size and weight, and if you suddenly gain more weight the memory foam conforms to that, and when you lose weight again, you start feeling uncomfortable on the mattress. The same can happen when you have lost weight and then gained a few more pounds.

In this case, also you will have to consider buying a new mattress. There is also a temporary solution for this, and it is the mattress topper. This will work if there is less change in the memory foam’s sagginess, but if it is more then a mattress topper will also not be able to help a lot.


  1. Your Partner Is Not Able To Sleep Well

It is quite possible that you are not feeling the effects of the worn out mattress, but your partner is. This happens if you are more resistant towards the bad effects of a worn out mattress and can sleep in any kind of condition. But since all individuals are different and if your partner is feeling joint pains, not feeling energetic even after sleeping for good 7 to 8 hours, then also you must inspect your mattress and get a new one if it is needed.

A mattress can last for long if you take good care of it. Here are some tips, for you to maintain the comfort of your mattress for a long time:


  1. Start Using a mattress protector to make your mattress last longer. A mattress protector protects your mattress from unexpected spills which lead to the deterioration of the memory foam. The mattress protector also prevents the dust mites to make your mattress their home.
  2. You must keep your bedding linen clean and keep changing them regularly.
  3. You should also keep rotating your mattress. You should do this once in three months for sure.


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