Select The Right Comfort Option

While shopping for the new mattress, the first thing you need to determine is the type of mattress you require. There are different kinds of mattresses on the market but the most popular ones are the innerspring and the memory foam mattresses. Many people pick one of these for the utmost sleeping comfort. Now the question arises what’s the difference between both these mattresses and which one is supposed to be perfect for you?

Though only you can decide on the latter question, we are here to help with the former questions to make you understand the difference between both the mattresses. So, stay tuned to know about the pros and cons of both types of mattresses.

Foam Mattresses:

The foam mattresses are made using specific materials to give you a supportive and comfortable surface. There are different types of mattresses in this category including Gel Memory Foam, Cool Tech Memory Foam, Polyurethane, Latex, and Dura-Foam. They vary in terms of how they are made and support they provide to the heat properties and feeling they offer.

Pros Of Using Memory Foam Mattress

  • Firstly, the comfort: Since the Memory foam mattresses adjust as the body shape, they produce the most comfortable and best night sleep. These mattresses reduce the pressure points and keep your spine in alignment and also help in reducing the lower back pain with time.
  • Secondly, the Memory foam mattresses can be made with hypoallergenic material and often do not collect dust mites. That means people with lungs related issues and allergies will get the most benefit out of these mattresses.
  • Finally, the memory foam mattresses are often very quiet and do not transfer the motion between sleeping partners giving you a peaceful and quiet sleep.

Cons Of Using Memory Foam Mattresses:

As you all know nothing is perfect in this world which means even foam mattresses have their own downsides. The memory foam mattresses can be often sensitive to the climate and can become soft in a warm climate and hard in colder ones. They also retain more heat when compared to the traditional mattress. Moreover, they are quite heavy but on the right side, you don’t have to flip them. These mattresses can be a little more expensive as compared to the other market which may disappoint most of the customers.

Spring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is also known as the traditional mattress. The traditional mattresses use steel springs in order to support the sleepers. There are two types of Spring mattresses including pocket coil springs and single unit innerspring. The mattresses also differ in terms of padding, upholstery and another type of materials used for comfortable sleeping.

Pros Of Using Innerspring Mattress

  • Firstly, the availability. The Innerspring mattress is available everywhere. Tons of mattress options available as the product has a well-established market. The buyers can easily choose from the firmness of the mattress that fits them the best.
  • Innerspring is less expensive than another mattress. There are also pricier options if one wants to go for a more quality mattress in the category.

Cons of Using Innerspring Mattress

Even the tried and tested innerspring mattresses have issues. To start with innerspring mattresses transfer motions in most cases. That means if your partner is a restless sleeper, the other partner will also end up tossing and turning. The coils can make squeaky noise and coil support can start to sag and loosen up. That’s why often the innerspring mattresses do not last for long. In such cases, flipping is the only option to improve longevity but the modern-day models do not allow users to flip the mattress because of the specific layers to combat sagging.

So, Which One Is Right For You?

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