Waking Up Creaky and Achy? Your Mattress May Be to Blame! Your Mattress Might Be The Reason For A Painful Back.

Are you also experiencing a similar problem like this? Every morning when you wake up, you have a mild ache in the lower back and the shoulder region. To get out of the bed without stretching for a minute is very uncomfortable. As you laze out for a while and get going with your workout, shower, and daily routine the pain also fades away until the next morning is back and the pain shows up again.

Most of us let this serious issue let go just by thinking that these are the effects of ageing or the due to the extra hours you spent at work, and as the pain goes away, the seriousness of this issue also gets neglected.

Did you ever have thought that you are getting this backache not due to any of your imaginations, but because of the mattress on which you are sleeping?

The fact is that it is your old and worn out mattress which is responsible for this backache.

No matter how good your mattress was when it was new, eventually it will become less comfortable, and it will start giving you signs to tell you that it is the right time to buy a new mattress. An aged mattress is going to have less support, as it becomes saggy in the middle. It is very uncomfortable for the body to sleep on such a mattress. The pressure points increase and the body gets a bad posture while asleep on a worn-out mattress, and this is the reason for your backache and sometimes a bad posture too.

How To Know If The Back Pain Is Actually Because Of The Mattress?

Doctors frequently meet patients suffering from back pain. The stats of such patients in New Zealand is quite high. 80 percent of the people in the world are expected to have a back problem at some point in time. There can be various reasons for the back pain, but if you want your mattress to not be the reason for it, then you must consider these tips.

The first thing is to get a routine checkup, just to figure if you are not suffering from any problem which is the reason for the pain. Once you are sure that you are fit, you are taking your proper meals, and are also regular with the basic workout, then inspect your mattress properly and note the following points.

  1. Age Of The Mattress

If your mattress has served you for more than eight to ten years, then it is the time when you need to go out for the mattress shopping.

  1. When Do You Have The Back Pain?

If the situation is like your back starts paining only when you are trying to wake up in the morning, and it does not come back until the next morning, then that’s the other sign to get a new mattress.

  1. You Have Interrupted Sleep

When a mattress gets old and loses its original shape, then you cannot sleep comfortably, and your sleep cycle breaks quite a lot of times. Because of this, your body does not get the right rest, and you start getting backache.

  1. If You Are Able To Sleep Well At Other Place Than Your Bed

Did you ever wake up full of energy and without any ache when sleeping at a friend’s place, hotel room, or any other place? If that’s the case, the problem is with your mattress and needs to be replaced.

If you are being troubled because of any of the above problems, and need help to find your new mattress feel free to visit Beds4u. Our team is friendly and always happy to help you find the right mattress. With the help of the Beds4u team, you can say goodbye to your morning backache and welcome the morning with new energy. All of us here at Beds4u hope to see you soon.