Bed Guard Premium Quilted Mattress Protector

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Bed Guard Premium Quilted Mattress Protector protects your mattress from the inevitable spills, sweat, dead skins cells and other associated food for dust mites and bed bugs. The "Bed Guard Premium Quilted Mattress Protector" is fully waterproof, but it also allows your mattress to breathe, reducing damp and humidity. By protecting your mattress, you are not allowing bacteria or mites and bugs to grow. The Quilted is then finished with super soft velour, giving you a beautifully comfortable sleeping area. Mattresses can be a long-time investment, so you need to look after yours, to make it last! With the Bed Guard Premium Quilted Mattress Protector, you can keep your mattress in superior form for years to come. Featuring a waterproof design, this is ideal for bed wetters and incontinence, keeping your mattress dry and free of odour and pesky germs

Comes with 2 Year Warranty.