Posture Elite Medium

Posture Elite Medium

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Posture Elite Medium

Proudly made in NZ, Slumberzone Posture Elite Medium brings to you the experience of the 3 Zone Individual Pocket Spring mattress providing additional support to your lower back. Ideal for side sleepers, 3 zone mattresses also provide pressure relief in the shoulders and knees as well as help to ensure proper spinal alignment for a continuous revitalising sleep. 

Delicately soft and skin friendly comfort layers of High Density Soft Foam provides the extra cushioning you need. With remarkable weight distributing & body contouring qualities helps minimise partner disturbance. The high density structure of hard foam provides a more stable and even surface for those who require extra support in the lumbar region, which allows for a better oxygen intake and improved circulation.

Finished with a High Grade Designer Fabric featuring intricate floral designs making for a soft, light & lavish feel.

Comes with Slumberzone’s 10 Year Warranty.