If you are currently reading this post, we are guessing you have probably purchased a brand new mattress or perhaps you are considering to purchase one soon. If so, this is the best time to find out the ways to make your mattress last longer. At first, you might not pay much attention, but there are different ways you might be damaging your new mattress while cleaning it. Keeping in mind all possible things, we have put together the list of mattress care tips to ensure that your bed is able to deliver you the best possible return on investment for the longest period.

Tip #1: Cleaning Essentials

Most of the households don’t remember doing it but your mattress needs to be vacuumed as regularly as your carpet or rug. Hairs, dead skin, and dust easily sweep into your mattress’s top layer from the bedsheet. You can straightaway cut down the amount of grime making its way inside your mattress by regular vacuuming of the surface. While cleaning, avoid using harsh stain removal or cleaning agents. Instead, we recommend you to use foamy dishwashing suds or liquids to wash away the stains gently.

Tip #2: Get A Quality Bed Frame

Just like a brand new housing require a strongly laid foundation, you don’t want to set up your high-quality sleep mattress on a poor bed frame. Select a Bed frame with sturdy legs which is further supported by Solid wooden slats that will ensure that mattress won’t bow inward with regular use. The inward bowing of the mattress will inevitably shorten the life of the mattress than expected time.

Tip #3: Use Mattress Protector

Some people don’t like to drape their mattress with the cover over the silky soft surface of a new bed. Nevertheless, mattress protectors are quite helpful to prevent inevitable spots in the first place. While shopping for a mattress protector, the important thing is to make sure that you select the one with good breathability. Be careful in choosing a mattress with light material allowing natural airflow.

Tip #4. Choose Sustainable Mattress Material

In average, a normal person spends over 20,000 hours of their seven years on their mattress. So, it is quite important to use sustainable and eco-friendly material that is non-toxic. Do your research and look for everything from certified foam to the natural fire protector sprays that helps your mattress be regarded as the high standard product.

How Long Can An Average Mattress Last?

In the mattress business, we recommend using your mattress not more than seven to eight years before getting a new one. However, you need to understand that your mattress may not last significantly longer without good care. It is recommended by all the manufacturers that you must use a waterproof mattress protector as stains will void the warranty and do rotate your mattress head to foot once a month for the first six months and once every three months thereafter. Most of the Mattresses at Beds4u are covered by over 10 years of Slumberzone’s warranty that protects your bed from any kind of manufacturing defects. We hope you are all set to start cleaning and maintaining your mattress’s frequent care for a long-lasting and healthy sleep.