Buying a car insurance or buying a new mattress have a lot in common – you compare the price and features of the various brands which is a challenging proposition considering the huge number of variables you have to work with. Luxury-plush, pillow-top, memory foam, kids, rolled, traditional, latex, innerspring – there are endless combinations that you can choose from. Since you will not be making frequent purchases for a new bed, you will have to deal with a painful learning curve!


The mattress industry is cluttered with information, all of which you need to sort through to hone in on and make a well-informed purchase of that one product that will give you what matters – “a night of great sleep”. Before paying a visit to your nearest mattress retailer put on your hat and learn how to debunk the myth from the truth. We have done a bit of the brain work for you in debunking four long-standing mattress myths.


Replace Your Matter Every Eight Years

Many agencies and organizations have come up with the recommendation for replacing a mattress every 7-10 years depending on the support and comfort level available. There is a wild degree of variance to the life of a mattress depending on how it is taken care and how it is slept on, and how often you rotate it.

Consider your mattress to be the control panel of your sleep performance. With a good pair of shoes, you can run faster and stay clear of injuries. Similarly, a supportive mattress will bring healthier, better sleep. How you feel upon waking up will tell you whether it is time for a new mattress or not!


Firm Mattress is the Best Mattress

To keep the discomfort and pain levels down to a minimum and allow your body to heal with sound regenerative sleep, a mattress should conform to your favoured sleeping positions and support all areas of the body regarding conformability.

Mattresses fall into three different categories – soft, medium, and very firm – with benefits and drawbacks for each one of them. Check which one will suit you best before making the purchase.


Right Mattress: Less Tossing and Turning

It takes only four months for babies to learn how to start rolling over in their sleep. By the time we reach adulthood, we move over 70 times the times every night – be it a full-blown roll or a simple twitch. Moving during the night helps alleviate pain at the pressure points while reducing strain and unwanted stress on the joints and back.

With a good mattress, you will get pressure point relief so that all movements during the night are kept down to a minimum, and you get to enjoy a deep sleep.


Mattress With Longest Warranty Worth Investing

You should understand that the warranty of a mattress has nothing to do with the life expectancy of the purchase. The warranty will only cover the materials and quality but, the wear and tear will be noticeable when you start using it with extreme regularity even before you have reached the end of the warranty period.

Take careful note of the warranty label while buying a new mattress through the terms and conditions vary little from one manufacturer to another. For repairs and replacements, transportation costs are usually not covered while you will not be provided a new warranty when the mattress is replaced.

So, the moral of the story is that what you are told is not always right. Your choice of buying a mattress to its usage depends on respective individuals and the quality of your mattress. Therefore, always invest little time in understanding your need and make the decision based on your actual requirements than what you might have heard is right.

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