Do you want to sleep well? Before you fix your bedtime social media and coffee habits, show some love to your mattress. Purchasing mattresses is a vital investment for your household but aftercare becomes almost a distant thought for many. To help your sleeping mattress give you a good night's sleep, give it all the attention and care it deserves.  Ensure your mattress's longevity and comfort with six of these resolutions around buying, cleaning, and maintenance to help you get the good night's sleep.


  1. Protect Your Mattress With A Cover

If you have pets and kids at home, make sure you get a waterproof mattress protector. It's going to be worth every penny for a mattress protector and we also recommend you to wash it periodically. Covering your mattress with a mattress protector will help you keep away all the dust and dirt allowing you a healthy and peaceful sleep.

  1. Wash Your Sheets Weekly

Don't you love to crawl between your freshly washed sheets for a lovely sleep? To keep your sheets germ free and smelling fresh, wash them at least once a week.  Use warm water, to get rid of all the dust, sweat and all other icky stuff. While many homeowners strip their bedsheets every 10-14 days, many wait for 3-4 weeks. Just don't!

  1. Rotate Your Mattress Seasonally

Most of the modern mattresses are not made to flip still be rotated. Some can easily be turned into a quarter turn but some are made with the particular zones for every part of the body and they are to be rotated half turn every time. The objective is to make your mattress wear evenly avoiding any impressions of the lumpy body that are created over time. This will also help your body retain the comfort and have sound sleep.

  1. Don't Neglect Stains On Your Mattress

The longer an untreated stain stays on the mattress, the difficult it would get to remove later on. Address it at the earliest to prevent from setting.

  • If you have spilled the liquid, quickly blot as much with the help of a towel or clean cloth.
  • Clean using diluted detergent in a 50-50 mixture with water, let it sit for a while before scrubbing the stain on the mattress.
  • Repeat the last step twice or thrice for gentle cleaning and avoid using too much water.
  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide for urine or bloodstains.
  1. Keeps Your Mattress Pad Clean

The mattress pad is the best line of defense to let your mattress debris and dust-free but if you do not like that idea, you will have to make sure you get your mattress cleaned at least twice a year. You can vacuum clean the mattress using the thick bristled upholstery brush to get into tiny nooks. Using little white vinegar you can clean the stains and allow it air dry. Sprinkle some baking soda for completely drying the bare mattress and it will also help you soak up the odors.

  1. Do not Eat and Drink in Bed

Don't treat your bed like your living room. Keep all those snacks, drinks and coffee out of your personal sleeping space. Food in bed may sound like an amazing idea but won't do your mattress or sheet any favors. It's going to affect your personal hygiene which can further interfere with your sleeping habits.

Lastly, whenever it's time, replace your mattress. As per the industry standards, you should replace your mattress every 8-9 years depending on your usage. The signs that indicate that it's time for your mattress's retirement includes neck and back pain, lumpiness or feeling the dent in your bed or allergy symptoms plus continuous tossing. You should assess your mattress's health and the impact it has on the quality of your sleep after 5-7 years.