Brown noise has become a popular trend in recent times. You probably have a friend who swears by it to help them sleep. So, what is brown noise, and does it improve sleep?

 Brown Noise for sleep


What is brown noise? 

 Brown noise stimulates every frequency the ear can detect at once, creating an immersive, stifling sound that some people enjoy. Brown noise is a deeper, stronger, lower sound without the high-frequency sounds that pink and white noise have.

The sound could resemble a strong wind, gentle surf, or the roar of a river. 

brown noise


Can brown noise help me sleep?

Noise that is just enough to stimulate the brain but not so much that it overwhelms it can drown out internal chatter and mask background noise. Some people find that brown noise relaxes them and improves their sleep. 

Brown noise has notably been praised by the ADHD community on TikTok, with hundreds of videos and positive comments about the effect of brown noise on focus and sleep. However, this is not true for all people.

Sleep with Brown sound


Is brown noise the most effective type for sleeping?

 There are many different spectrums of sounds that researchers have named after the intensity of the frequencies. Some other examples of noise include the more well-known white noise, pink noise, and violet noise.

Just like how people enjoy different ice cream flavours, people enjoy different types of noise while they sleep (or none). The frequencies of the noises can activate and stimulate people's brains in different ways, so what helps your friend fall asleep won't necessarily help you get that shut-eye.

The best way to work out what works for you is to try out the different types of noise with apps such as Sound+Sleep SE, YouTube playlists, or even purchase a LectroFan.

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Whether or not brown noise helps you sleep better, one thing is sure - a comfortable bed helps improve everyone's sleep. 

At Beds4U, our sleep experts are devoted to helping Kiwis with their dream sleep. We provide a large variety of NZ-made beds and mattresses in all comforts from soft to firm, and sizes including single, double, queen, and king beds

Having a comfortable mattress is the first step to fantastic sleep. Then, you can experiment with sounds once you have this in place.