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Sleep Max Posture Elite Plush

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Posture Elite Plush

Posture Elite Plush Mattress has a 5-zone pocket spring system to provide you greater support where you need it! The 5-zone spring system is designed to provide the greatest support at the widest parts of the body; the shoulder and hips. This spring system encourages a straighter spine when lying down which is the best position for a good night’s rest. The plush top contours to your body shape for maximum comfort and reduces partner disturbance for a great, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

 Create the foundation for a comfortable sleep with the sturdy Solid NZ Made Base, offers premium support and must-have durability with glides for simple positioning,

Plush Comfort 

A deep layer of quilted foam provides cushioning medium-soft comfort for your whole body, supporting your body and moulding around your hips and shoulders.


• 5 Zoned Individual Pocket Springs
• Hundreds of fabric encased Pocket springs
• Anti-fungal, anti-dust mite foam
• Equalized body pressure points
• Plush Comfort
• Weight resistance
• Less tossing
• Hypoallergenic
• Easy care
• Supports all sleeping positions
• Suitable for all weights
• Sustainable for any divan or bed frame
• Soft-touch foam upholstery on the base
• NZ Pinewood Base
• Minimum partner disturbance

Comes with 5 Year warranty

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