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Carin Tallboy

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Carin Tallboy is a refined example of a much-loved classic design, Carin Tallboy combines NZ Pinewood and handles in a natural polished finish with contrasting smooth white painted doors and drawers. A white painted finish and grooved paneling will give your bedroom a fresh, bright look. Carin Tallboy's five drawers feature metal sliders and handles, so you'll never struggle with sticking or jamming.

This tallboy is perfect for organizing your wardrobe, but can really be used in any room in your home. Let your imagination run wild! From linen to tools, craft goods, appliances, stationery, toys, and more, this versatile unit can handle almost anything you can think of. 

Complete your bedroom look with a dresser or bedsides from the Carin range,  or update your whole bedroom with a beautiful Carin Bedroom Furniture.

Comes with 1 Year Warranty.