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Air Cooler Pillow

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Air Cooler Pillow

Air Cooler Pillow features Open-Pore Air Visco Technology that allows the air to circulate freely. The material absorbs body heat to contour itself to the exact shape of the head and neck, providing a perfect distribution of pressure points and the ideal support to ensure correct posture. Air Cooler Pillow is the unsurpassed pillow for ultimate comfort. The 3-dimensional air mesh cover teamed with the new cloud feel memory foam, gently molds in a gradual way to each individual’s shape offering a dry, ventilated and a cloud feels comfortable pillow.

  • Sleep Better- This Collection has been designed and engineered to help you sleep better night after night.
  • Sleep Cooler- Keeps you sleeping cooler to help you get a more restorative night's rest
  • Sleep Deeper- Eliminates pressure points for a deeper all night sleep

Available in Cool Grey & Lavender Color

Comes with 1 Year Warranty.