Mattress Sizes

These sizes relate to the overall width of the base and mattress. Below is a breakdown of the different sizes and their approximate imperial equivalents:

Imperial Metric (cm)

Size Mattress (cm) Base (cm)
Single 91 x 191  91 x 191 
Long Single  91 x 202 91 x 202
King Single 105 x 202  105 x 202 
Double 139 x 191  139 x 191 
Long Double 139 x 202 139 x 202
Queen 152 x 202  152 x 202
King 167 x 202  83.5 (x2) x 202
Super King 180 x 202 90 (x2) x 202
California King 202 x 202 101 (x2) x 202


For a printable PDF of bed sizes Click here

Note: Mattress thicknesses can differ greatly, but the average depth is between 25cm and 30cm. Please check the specifications of the mattress you are interested in, to ensure it suits your needs.

Hint: Always buy the biggest bed you can. The more room you have in your bed the better quality of sleep you will have, especially if you're sleeping with a partner. Two people sleeping together should select a queen or preferably a king size mattress and base to ensure both individuals have enough space for a good night sleep. Beds4u is an exclusive Retailer of Slumberzone Beds and We do accept orders for Custom Size beds. If You want a Bed size of your choice and requirement. Please contact one of our Stores.