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Connection Between Your Mattress and Backache

Connection Between Your Mattress and Backache

Waking Up Creaky and Achy? Your Mattress May Be to Blame! Your Mattress Might Be The Reason For A Painful Back.

Are you also experiencing a similar problem like this? Every morning when you wake up, you have a mild ache in the lower back and the shoulder region. To get out of the bed without stretching for a minute is very uncomfortable. As you laze out for a while and get going with your workout, shower, and daily routine the pain also fades away until the next morning is back and the pain shows up again.

Most of us let this serious issue let go just by thinking that these are the effects of ageing or the due to the extra hours you spent at work, and as the pain goes away, the seriousness of this issue also gets neglected.

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